Warzone Bunker Codes

Warzone Bunker Codes

If Call of Duty Warzone bunker codes or locations changes with the launch of the next season or some future update, we will be sure to update this map and let you know. We'll update this article if there are any changes to codes or loot and bunker locations, so please keep us on your favorite pages for any future references. Until we know where the new bunkers are located, you can find a complete list of all the old bunkers and their respective codes below. It hasn't been determined which bunkers can be opened this season yet, but rest assured we have all the Warzone Bunker Codes you need to open the available ones.

For the people who anticipate that some kind of code should get into all Warzone dugouts, you will be wonderfully shocked as they are available to the general population, without any passwords or unique information required. There is one more Warzone shelter that isn't set apart in the guide above since it is available to everybody and doesn't need a code or key card to enter. There is a last secret fortification on the disaster area map inside the Verdansk Stadium. At last, the most fascinating Warzone dugout found by Activision is found south of the Park situated on the Battle Royale map, in the F8 quadrant.

The most hidden bunkers and loot spots

Keep an eye out for the most hidden bunkers and loot spots, namely the airport, the stadium, and, in case more secret sequences and phone calls come in mysterious bunker 11. Inside each bunker, there are a number of AI enemies that are relatively easy to take out, along with the aforementioned Morse code and mining machines. Each of the 12 closed bunkers appears to have Morse code, but the secret message has yet to be deciphered. Another thing to take into account is that every bunker (at least the currently available ones) has a machine that spits out Morse code while delivering a secret message.

The following locations require a keycode to enter, just like the rooms, but these are bunkers. To access these bunkers, you will need codes to enter them. By using these codes, you will be able to open the bunkers and take the loot as quickly as possible without being killed first, of course. Unlocked means that players can enter multiple bunkers without codes or keys to unlock them, and you may stumble upon competitors as you enter.

This time there is no need to use the keyboard to open any of the 12 closed bunkers

This time there is no need to use the keyboard to open any of the 12 closed bunkers, the main hatch opens before arriving at the Caldera. In the northern part of the junkyard, you can find 4 bunkers, one of them has a cellar, and in this cellar, you can find a locked door waiting for a code to be entered. Every Warzone bunker has two entrances, and they are always marked with the same things: one is always a drop-off point under a row of stacked red shipping containers, and the other is a small crevice in the ground through which players can drop down to discover a row of drop-offs. stairs.

This map shows where to find Warzone bunkers, some of which require a Call of Duty Warzone bunker code, while others require a red access card...and then the infamous Bunker 11. This map comes from Call of Duty Fanatics and Killer Stage Details Warzone Pacific Bunker locations with red dots. Thanks to community member ContentConch, the map above shows where they were during WWII.

we will return to this bunker and exclusive loot

Here in this article, we will return to this bunker and exclusive loot, then we will focus on the location of WWII bunkers and take to the road to find warzone code bunkers and find exclusive loot in WWII bunkers. War. Since we've already tested the Warzone code silos, we've put together his full article to help you find them. Since the Season 5 event of which Red Doors was an integral part, Warfare Season 6 and Vanguard would have welcomed WWII bunkers, here we find 3 WWII bunkers in Verdansk where there are so many in each bunker mining, and explains how each bunker gets in the way.


That's all the bunkers, phones, and computers currently known in Warzones Verdansk. Although there are bunkers, and usually 11 of them can be opened with a card key or key code, it seems that all of them are currently unavailable.

Be sure to research the area before entering Bunker 09

Since the dungeon is a launch hotspot for several teams, be sure to research the area before entering Bunker 09. Note that you will first need to 'activate' the Warzone Farm Bunker with phones to gain access by activating them in the correct order. If you're still looking for more loot, your best bet is the bunker near Tavor Park just south of the road.


Other locations available for loot are those that were originally available in the previous version of the map, so if you're wondering which ones can still be found, these locations are the perfect starting point. While this game will be launched and integrated with the Call of Duty Warzone needs and event, and the start of this event is World War II bunkers, these valuable loot bunkers are now available in Verdansk.

All Warzone shelter codes: Every area and blend

We may never again approach the fortifications from 2020, yet from here is the old data, in the event they return. The Warzone shelter codes are:

  • Jail - 72948531
  • Farmland - 49285163
  • South Junkyard - 97264138
  • North Junkyard - 87624851
  • Park (nuke) - 60274513
  • Television slot - 27495810 component of the Call of Duty: Cold War uncovers shelters were added that necessary codes, instead of a Red Access Card. On the off chance that you're after the first dugouts that don't need a code, look down to the part further down this page. In any case, investigate the video above to see these more up-to-date shelter areas, or look at the guide beneath. Sit back and relax, not at all like the arena shelter, these Warzone fortification codes are completely fixed.

Locations of bunkers in war zones

In Season 3, the Warzone bunkers had taken a backseat. While there are 12 bunkers scattered across Verdansk, and 11 of them may typically be entered with a keycard or a key code, it appears that they are all temporarily inaccessible.

That said, if they reopen, you and your teammates will have a plethora of goodies to choose from. Legendary Supply Boxes, Epic weapon blueprints, and stacks of cash will be strewn about inside, waiting for you to get them.

  • Bunker 00 is located in Sector D8, south of Hills.
  • Bunker 01 is located in Sector B7, between the racing track and the junkyard.
  • Bunker 02 is located in Sector B6, north of the junkyard.
  • Bunker 03: Sector B5's Bunker 03 is located north of the junkyard.
  • Bunker 04 is located in Sector D2, south of Dam.
  • Bunker 05 is located in Sector E3, south of the Military Base.
  • Bunker 06 is in Sector H3, southeast of Quarry.
  • Bunker 07 is located in Sector H4 to the south of Quarry.
  • Bunker 08 is in Sector G4 and is located south of Quarry, near Bunker 7.
  • Bunker 09 is located in Sector I8, near the prison.
  • Bunker 10 is located in Sector F8, south of Park.

Codes for all Warzone bunkers

Below are all of the Warzone bunker entrance codes:
  • Bunkers (0-1) in the Warzone Boneyard: 87624851 and 97264138
  • 60274513 Warzone Park bunker (2)
  • 72948531 Warzone Prison Bunker (3)
  • Farmland bunker in a warzone (4): 49285163
  • Bunker of the Warzone TV Station (5): 27495810

Boneyard bunker codes for Warzone North and South

Scrapyard, which is located west of Boneyard, features two bunkers that require a code to enter. One is near Storage Town in the north, and the other is near the go-kart track in the map's southwest corner. The bunker codes were as follows, notwithstanding the fact that the bunkers were currently closed: North Boneyard Code: 97264138
South Boneyard Code: 87624851

What Kind of Loot Can You Find In A Bunker?

In a bunker, you may expect to discover about four orange boxes and four blue crates, totaling about $20,000, as well as at least five premium items (self-revive, armor satchel, gas masks, or killstreaks). That should be enough loot to keep you going for the rest of the game, Louis. If you're feeling particularly rambunctious, why not set up camp near a bunker entrance? After that, you'll gain some loot and kills. But for now, at least, we'll need to keep waiting for them to open the bunkers. Perhaps they'll be opened in Season 2 alongside the new weapons?

In Verdansk, there are also bunkers and underground constructions.

There were a few extra underground structures introduced to the game throughout its Season 1 and Season 2 updates, in addition to the game's 12 bunkers.
The new Airport "bunker" in Warzone Season 1 is more of a landing spot than a standard Verdansk bunker. It is, however, by far the largest on the map and is brimming with loot to get you ready for a match. The bunker may be reached by either parachuting into a massive hole in the middle of the Verdansk Airport runway or finding the access ladder near the end of the runway. It's important to note that this is a very popular landing location, so don't expect to be alone once inside.

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