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One of these variations is a controversial take on the fun and (currently) viral wordle puzzle game. Developed just a month ago, Absurdle mimics Wordle's shallow gameplay (has a grid, five-letter word guessing, and colored letter clues) with a little twist. Absurdle mimics the previous basic rules of the grid system, color box hints, and five-letter word guessing. In addition, the Absurdle Wordle Game is called the evil twin of the word puzzle game, which has a whole list of possibilities until you choose the correct word.

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The main difference between Wordle and Absurdle Wordle Game is that while everyone's correct answers and guesses are the same, Absurdle offers more options. With the Absurdle Wordle Game, players have unlimited possibilities to guess the correct answer from 2315 words. Players also have unlimited options to choose the correct answer from 2315-word options during the game. As with Wordle, the problem is that users have the opportunity to guess words.

All About Absurdle

Absurdle is a Wordle version that is gaining popularity due to its unique rules and gameplay. The system doesn't have a mysterious word of the day ready when you start the game; instead, it chooses the mystery word based on the words you submit as guesses. When you play against a system that pushes you to do things you don't want to do, you're forced to fish blindly in murky waters in a long game of wits and tenacity.

When the Wordle system provides you with tips to assist you to arrive at the mystery word, Absurdle seeks to engage you in a prolonged game by driving you astray with little or no feedback, according to its designer, Sam Hughes. In essence, Absurdle goes against the flow of Wordle by engaging in a push-and-pull battle with players.

Rules that are absurdly complicated are explained

Despite the fact that Wordle serves as the foundation for Absurdle, the gameplay in the latter is completely different. Your predictions must still be 5-letter terms, but there is no limit to the number of guesses you can make.

Even though you cannot use all of your guesses, as you grow more familiar with the technique, it becomes clear that imposing a standard limit of six guesses will reduce your chances of solving the puzzle.

You start with a blank row with five columns, and with each subsequent guess, an extra row is added. Keep in mind that the system's sole purpose is to get you to give up. With each guess you make, it migrates to the word pool with the most "acceptable" terms in order to attain the goal. As a result, your initial predictions are very likely to be entirely "grey."

What is the best way to play Absurdle?

Each game starts with a blank slate for the game system, which uses the letters in the input guessed words as feedback to construct a word pool of likely solutions. The game relies on your ability to compel the system to shrink the word pool to the word you've selected - but it's not as simple as it seems, and it doesn't work in a linear manner.

Absurdity is all about outwitting the odds, so you'll need a clear set of letters to get started. Starting with striker-words that sweep undesirable letters off the table, it works similarly to Wordle... Except that there is no unwelcome letter at the start of Absurdle since there is no mysterious word in the game equation.

This signifies that the machine has opted to eliminate all words that contain the greyed letters from the Absurdle solution word list's 2000+ "solution" words. In practice, this is good news for the player because the pool of "solution" and "acceptable" words has been greatly reduced as a result of the procedure.

First, guess is close enough to the first word

If your first guess is close enough to the first word chosen in the game, the final Absurdle answer will change to something else to extend your game. With each unsuccessful attempt, Absurdle changes the word depending on which of the green or yellow words you managed to guess. Absurdle does not choose a word at the start of the game that the player can guess. When you start Absurdle, there is no cryptic word of the day prepared and waiting in the system; instead, it determines the cryptic word based on the words you enter as a guess.

The game determines the cryptic word according to the players

Instead, the game determines the cryptic word according to the players' guesses. Instead, Absurdle uses the players' guesses to narrow down the word list in an attempt to keep the game going as long as possible. Instead of comparing the player's word to the secret word, Absurdle will create a list of potential words from the letters the player hasn't guessed yet. To make up for the added difficulty, Absurdle gives players unlimited chances to guess the winning word, so the tactics of the game are slightly different.


Among other developers, my favorite is Absurdle, a "controversial version" of Wordle that changes the winning word based on your guess. The game throws you into a long game that leads you astray without giving you much feedback, just like Wordle helps you find secret words with hints. In Wordle, the game identifies a word from a word bank, and the player must guess the word. The beginning is like Wordle, you first paste the word with the unnecessary letters removed from the table...except Absurdle has no unnecessary letters at the beginning because there are no mystery words in the game equation.

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